Proyecto Luz

Proyecto Luz seeks to lessen the impact HIV/AIDS has on Cleveland’s Latino community by increasing health, awareness, and access to resources.

Our programs create a safe and compassionate environment for culturally competent case management services, STD testing, prevention education, counseling, and spiritual support.

Program Details

Founded in 1999, Proyecto Luz is the cornerstone program at NLURC. Proyecto Luz provides comprehensive case management for individuals living with HIV/AIDS and seeks to prevent spread of the disease through education and increased access to resources.

Medical Case Management
Proyecto Luz helps clients obtain and manage medications, appointments, and benefits.

Housing & Nutrition
Proyecto Luz case managers can help clients meet their basic food and shelter needs.

Legal Clinic
Proyecto Luz offers clients legal representation and consultation through the legal clinic.

Education & Prevention
Proyecto Luz increases awareness through classes, events, health fairs, and STD testing.

About Cultural Competency

Our commitment to cultural competence is the backbone of our entire organization.

To us, being culturally competent means service with an emphasis on understanding and inclusion. NLURC creates a safe space, open to people from all walks of life.

Our staff is not only bilingual, they are diverse and compassionate. They are dedicated, accepting, and care deeply about the people in our community, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

How to Enroll

If you are living with HIV and are in need of support services, call (216) 651-8236 to schedule your first appointment.

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