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Medical Case Managers Wanted
Full-Time and Part-Time Available

Do you or someone you know have work experience in advocacy, case management, or similar work with the public in a direct service setting?

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center is now seeking applicants to join our multidisciplinary team. Come work alongside other vibrant professionals who provide direct services that are culturally competent and community based. Our team is made up of licensed social workers, lawyers, housing case managers, and others trying to positively impact the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS by connecting them to medical care and supportive services.

If you’re a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and interested in applying for a medical case management position, please send your resume to Goto the Careers Section for more information.

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Cold Weather Advisory


Although NLURC makes every effort to keep the office open during severe weather, weather conditions caused by snow, ice, or other emergencies can create a situation that makes it unsafe for travel to and/or from NLURC.

The safety of the people that we serve is of the utmost importance, so please contact NLURC when the weather is severe to ensure the office is open. Be safe!

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Universal Health Coverage Day


UHCDespNueva Luz Urban Resource Center has joined over 500 organizations around the world to launch the first-ever Universal Health Coverage Day on 12 December 2014. This historic coalition will mark the anniversary of a landmark UN resolution urging all countries to provide universal access to health care without financial hardship.

No one should fall into poverty because they get sick and need health care. Universal health coverage is essential for making progress against challenges like HIV, cancer and Ebola – and for creating a fairer, more resilient society.


NLURC believes universal health coverage is fundamentally linked with lessening the burden of HIV/AIDS, and helping families escape cycles of poverty. Inclusion and compassion are core beliefs at NLURC, and making healthcare accessible to all is an extension of that belief.

Countries of all income levels are pursuing policy reforms to achieve universal health coverage. More than 80 countries have asked the World Health Organization for assistance in accelerating action. Health for all is an attainable goal, so it’s time that it becomes a reality around the world.

To learn more and show your support please visit and follow Universal Health Coverage Day on Twitter and Facebook.

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Cold Weather Advisory


Record low temperatures have hit Northeast Ohio and NLURC strongly recommends staying indoors unless absolutely necessary. Remember, the offices at Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center will be closed anytime Cleveland Public Schools close for severe weather.

Check your local listings or click here for an up to date list of public closings and cancelled or delayed programs. Stay warm and we’ll see you soon!

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Learn More About the Affordable Care Act


Four Facts About the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare

- If you don’t have health insurance in 2014, you will be fined.
- You may be eligible for financial assistance.
- You can not be denied due to a pre-existing condition.
- All insurance plans will be in simple language with no fine print.

In English / En Espanol

For More Information & Help Enrolling

Contact Erin Richardson Affordable Care Act Educator
Or visit or for more information

REMEMBER! Open enrollment is from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014!

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