About Us

Our Mission

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center is a faith-based organization challenging the root causes of systemic poverty among Latino and other underserved individuals through holistic and culturally competent service and community building.

Our Vision

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center sees the end to the vicious cycle of poverty that keeps many of the residents of Cleveland’s Latino Community as well as all citizens in the west side neighborhoods locked into inadequate housing and low-income employment.

We see an increase in education that enables individuals with lowered self-esteem to rise up out of the spiral of drug abuse, commercial sex work and the legal entanglements that go along with these activities.

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center, in collaboration with other programs on Cleveland’s west side, seeks to change this reality by providing compassionate outreach and service provision regardless of the individual’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

Our History

Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center was originally founded in 1999 as Proyecto Luz (Project Light) with the goal of reducing the negative impact of HIV/AIDS in the community. HIV/AIDS among Cleveland’s poor, particularly Cleveland’s Latinos was a manisfestation of poverty, rather than a disease of lifestyle. Our neighborhoods were in dire need of a linguistically adequate, community based and culturally competent Latino service program. Now, Nueva Luz URC is committed to relieving the challenges of poverty, while still maintaining a focus on HIV/AIDS.

Find Out More

Go to our news page for the latest news, important announcements and upcoming events. For more information about what NLURC does, check out our services page. The resource library is filled with useful tools, articles, links, and guides.